Fix common TV issues

Picture settings

Screen is too dark

  • Adjust the backlight / brightness setting.

Colours don’t pop

  • Adjust the backlight / brightness setting.
  • Adjust the colour temperature to something colder.
  • Enable dynamic / vivid picture mode.

Picture skips/jumps

  • Turn off motion interpolation.

People / objects disappear when watching sport
People / objects move too fast

  • Turn off motion interpolation.

White objects appear yellow or blue

  • Adjust the white balance / colour space.

Colours / Skin tones look wrong

  • Adjust the white balance / colour space.
  • Adjust the colour temperature.
  • Try a different picture mode.

Blacks look grey

  • Adjust the backlight / brightness setting.
  • Make sure the source and TV RGB settings match.
  • Enable local dimming.

Dark portions are pixelated

  • Enable noise removal settings.
  • Improve connection (if streaming) or source quality (if low-quality).
  • If neither works or is possible, you will need to cope with the issue. This is a common problem with low-quality media.

Grain on the picture

Note: Normal for movies.

  • For other content, enable noise removal settings.
  • Improve connection (if streaming) or source quality (if low-quality).
  • Reset colour space and white balance settings.
  • Try different HDMI cable and different HDMI input on the TV.

Picture looks out of focus

  • Disable motion interpolation.
  • Increase ‘Sharpness.’
    • This makes the picture a bit less accurate.
  • Adjust the aspect ratio setting.

Note: Low-quality media often looks fuzzy, so if those first steps don’t help, the only solution is to watch higher-quality video.

Sparkles/banding appearing on screen after calibration

  • Reset white balance and colour space adjustments to default.
  • Try a new HDMI cable.
  • Try different picture mode.
  • Return, or contact manufacturer support.

Stuck pixels on screen

  • Connect PC to TV, use this tool to fix the stuck pixels.
  • Try applying gentle pressure on the stuck pixel. Turn the TV on, and then off, then check.

No other fix. If many stuck pixels, return, or contact manufacturer support.


TV not outputting sound

  • Make sure HDMI or audio cable(s) are securely connected to both TV and receiver/headphones.
  • Make sure TV is set to output audio to your source device (sound settings).
  • Make sure source device is outputting compatible sound (PCM, DTS, Dolby Digital are safe bets).
  • Try different audio cable.
  • See if other devices can play on the receiver.
  • If the receiver does not work for anything, contact the receiver manufacturer’s support.
  • If the receiver does work for other devices, contact TV manufacturer’s support.

Sound is delayed

  • If using external speakers, try ‘lip sync’ or ‘audio delay’ feature on the receiver.
  • If using TV’s speakers, try ‘lip sync’ or ‘audio delay’ on TV.
  • Set input to PC mode.

Apps & WiFi

Can’t stream 4k video on 4k TV

  • Make sure service/subscription allows 4k streaming.
  • Make sure wireless network and internet connection have sufficient bandwidth (usually at least 25 Mbps).
  • Contact manufacturer support.

Video won’t stream in TV’s browser

  • No direct fix. TV doesn’t support Flash video.
  • Workaround: Connect PC to TV and watch the video with that.

Can’t connect TV to WiFi

  • Connect TV to the router via Ethernet and install updates, then try again.
  • Contact manufacturer support.

Can’t find/download app

  • No fix. App is likely not available for your TV.

Cable, Satellite, & OTA

Can’t find/change channels

  • Run the programming feature to let TV detect channels, then try again.
  • If OTA, try re-positioning antenna for better reception.
  • Contact manufacturer support.

TV channels look fuzzy

  • Make sure source device is outputting at least 720p.
  • Enable noise removal features.
  • Increase sharpness a bit.
    • This makes the picture a bit less accurate.

Note: It’s normal for TV channels to look a bit fuzzy/blurry since they’re low-quality.

Remote and Power

TV turns off randomly

  • Disable CEC. 
  • Check that the power button isn’t stuck on the remote.
  • Remove batteries from remote (to determine whether remote is responsible).
  • Otherwise, find pattern for powering off, if one exists.
  • Reset or replace the device that is responsible.
  • If no pattern, perform a factory reset of TV.
  • Contact manufacturer support.

Remote doesn’t work properly

  • Try pointing remote at all corners; see if one works/works better.
  • Move objects away from the front of TV (soundbar, Kinect, etc).
  • Move cable/satellite box farther from TV.
  • Re-pair the remote with the TV (if possible).
  • Replace remote batteries.
  • Contact manufacturer support.

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